Friday, July 1, 2011

Integr8d Soul: Live online shows this weekend!

Where have I been? Well, drawing new character designs, and...

Practicing music! copy and paste this into your browser: it's our 4 of July acoustic set----to be followed by an electric set! First show starts at 5 pm Tuesday, 8pm Eastern.

That's not all. Aside from our test show on Saturday, we're listing a Sunday show at 7pm Pacific (10 Eastern)---limited tickets but give Stage It a click and check out what Integr8d Soul sounds like today! Please like us on Facebook, too===particularly after you hear us.

I think we've taken another step past the low-fi recordings on YouTube. I think we are ready to expand the band, too. I've been promising a new, excellent recording of our songs for some time, but the arrangement for "U R Me" is finally the two guitar treasure for which I'd won't be long now.

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