Sunday, July 10, 2011

In Disguise: the Lue-Kane Killer Combo, Downtown and Online

Do you sing in the shower? I do...but almost only when I'm alone.

So I had this doo wop in the shower one afternoon---what?---this melodic riff, some words, "in disguise, love just slips by"---and before I was dry, I had a few lines I liked singing.

I shared on Facebook. A couple of friends contributed to my start. I kept it simple. It kicks around a few weeks, a title I remember to write down now and then...and one day last week, I had an idea what to do with it, and Monday night you can hear it!

Just copy the links; ah, blogspot!
for more links, music! also, LOTS on Facebook's Integr8d Soul page!!!!!

Oh, yes---it's ON!!!

Come dig our home concert!

Ready for something totally new?

Songs you've never heard performed before make up the heart of the Lue/ Kane Killer Combo set list, for our home concert Monday.

Does knowing the words help you appreciate a new song? Here's the words, written with a couple of friends, to "In Disguise", the new song with which
we'll lead off at 7:05 pm San Diego time, from downtown!

Sometimes it seems like I’ll never be free, from this chain
What I once thought was love has ended with new disdain
Feel like I’m oh-so close
Then when I feel it the most
In disguise, love just slips by
In disguise, love just slips by
In disguise, take off the mask for me.
I disguise, find that I am free. (A.L.'s line)

(SD 9 offered a whole stanza)

Unmask the passionate one. Set him free.
The tide's ebb and flow, come and go.
Love not chanced is sure to never be.

Prove me wrong, remove the disguise.
Let this illusion be an actuality.
Beneath the moonlight, by my side
These chains I welcome, to the bottom of the sea,
Til the end of time, if it puts you with me

1. In Disguise
2. Dear Future
3. Flying Over You
4. Double Jeoparme
5. Dream We All Can See
6. Whole World Seas
7. Angel of the Morning
8. Something Not Quite There
9. U R Me

New friends and ones we think of often, this is our way share to what we do and entertain old friends and new.

If you register a bit ahead of time, you can run a super-fast speed test to make sure you can sustain the broadcast on your computer, then pay whatever you can from a dime up. You can always tip if you love a particular song!

ALL THESE songs have grown so much in the past three months, especially with guitar one Marc Kane coming into the mix. I never guessed I would be glad I waited so long to record these songs in the studio, but they are much more memorable listens now, and I wonder if you'll think the same?
for Whole World Seas and more in "homework" form

We are going to lean heavily on originals this time out, though I see us pulling out some covers we love playing, stuff we worked on for the 4th show that's come up a notch. It's a little fun something. Hope we see you there! Lue Lyron & the Marc Kane


Anonymous said...

Love your music my favorite Cali couple. I miss you bunches and am wondering when my wandering pair may wander around this way for a minute or two?? like AUGUST??? hint hint- our little pool is plenty big enough for two more! ((((HUGS))))

cease ill said...

August is the greatest pool time! Alas, until our shirts and online concerts sell, we are a little broke, but you know it'll happen one of these days! xox