Monday, July 25, 2011

Integr8d Soul plays Papa's Birthday Party

Join our group and you can see this one: it's on Ustream! We threw a virtual party with chats from everyone gathered for Ron and Vickie Bowman, in honor of his birthday. He taught the Marc Kane to sing and has always been a great friend to us!
Dreams, Fleetwood Mac WE are just warming up, yikes :-D It gets pretty good though! Joking, Indigo Girls Join our Ustream group and you can watch it. We were just warming up and can do EVEN better :-D

Now for our original tunes: a single guitar version of "In Disguise" by Lyron/Lyons/Scarlett Dragon no. 9

Dear Future!!!

This has "Kudzu Mt." another Lue tune, which we've never sang together before, and a quick cover of "Use Somebody" which we normally do with two guitars and haven't practiced in a bit. We actually learned many of these covers in the past month!

Free of the Fallen World (even more songs on site; we streamed for an hour and a half!)

sorry for the ads, but hey it's free! We'll do shows directly via webcam to YouTube, but we wanted the chat for the family/friends feel. This has "The Key"

In case you think you are too old to play guitar but always wanted to ....the Marc Kane's been singing for many years, but here she is trying out her cover song on guitar.
We Both Go Down Together by the Decemberists, as learned this month by Dawn.

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