Sunday, September 18, 2011

Consistent faces pt 2 (and, my laptop's on the fritz)

I'll go see what the Geek Squad says this week, but without my neighbor Lawrence, I couldn't post so comfortably, if at all---so thanks again for loaning me your one and only laptop.
I can't thank my cool partner and best friend the Marc Kane for her second job learning to sing and play all this music I've dug out this month! Now! We kept very busy creating three sets of rehearsed 1980's music, which is sure to come in handy sometime, over these past few days. I look forward to using the things we learned to make these songs in making completely new music of our own. I wanted to give it my all (and probably should stuck to developing just two sets in seventeen days or so, to keep it tight), but I was determined to sketch again, make scenes, give characters narrative adventures.
Up top: I wanted to create a young heroine for my friend T.J.'s stories cooked up with his daughter, Steely. Next: A very interesting person! Can't you tell? She reminds us of what D.J. Evie P should be, in Not Another Comic Book. That's great; four of the seven faces I set out to draw inspire me to continue on with that story next. I can't resist working on all of them, slowing down the appearance of a complete story (and I've got two more I've decided it's high time to layout). Still, one of them's going to escape my work space before too long. Now, I have some recent drawing of every speaking character that appears in the prelude of Not Another Comic Book, featuring the beach about this time of year. Believe me, that story's asking to be turned into a movie, but a comic book's a way to put it together and tell it with a special set of subtleties, while at the same time, were you to see the racks at the local comic shop, you'd probably agree our title's well-deserved. I'll try to finish up the other two; can't wait to get them back under our pencils. Between this and deliberately working on each of our new songs at a time, we'll have a lot of fun the rest of this month. My creative life's one place that makes it true for myself: anything could happen! So! I began drawing these heads, five days ago. This could be one person's warm-up at one sitting, and I'm sure I'll be drawing at that pace soon enough, but it's the details that are important here. That doesn't mean it's hard, though! Just detailed, depending on the design of the character or person you want to draw.

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