Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let's Draw: basic figures

Listen, since I couldn't sleep and there's this one year of Avengers written by Jim Shooter I always wanted to read, I dug in last night, and found I'd bought the first one in the series (as well as the fill-in, #169...grr) years before. The second story features Janet Van Dyne's first fashion show, and this made me want to draw a nice dress for a simple figure, and then, some nice words for my very special girl. Then I slipped it into her bag. It thanks her for all she does, basically. You get the picture.

Dawn inspired me: we want to base a comic on a model and a designer, and tonight, in the shower, some marks on her back from exercise gave me the missing piece of my Not Another Comic Book Story, then she began to fill in blanks, herself, regarding a chilling omen early in the comic. I realized, too, I could tell one key scene as dialogue after the fact without showing it, so I can stick to my strengths, which are not drawing mansions, but my downtown neighborhood, the Embarcadero and Seaport and Coronado. Now, I can return to the beach scene with Princess Sexy Jenn and company.

Another pic, from me, came while I visited her for a few minutes while she minded a front desk in another hotel, the one where we worked out and met that nice girl tonight, in fact. Oh, she had a boy who thought she was very nice, too. I sketched from my phone, for about five minutes, in an effort to convey a strong figure with simplicity.

I'll include some anatomy studies next time out; I wasn't feeling very well but with that simple sketch today, I responded to the inspiration of the many drawings Dawn Birdsong has managed in her spare time. Here, she has included Miss Bonnie Delighte with a sword, and with the wall decoration, succeeds in providing depth and dimensionality between the sword, the woman, the back wall.

All drawing is for yourself, but you will enjoy it lots more if you can think of some person who will be happy when they see what you've made. Make it from the love of the figure, and draw whatever you care about. Make it from the love of people. Make it from the love of art itself. Share THAT and your drawings will survive your long march to perfection, your Olympic training and persistence.
Drawing inspired by my recent reading and response to Englehart's Avengers run in the mid-70's.

You will find yourself drawing more! I, for one, am shifting gears---maybe as a bike shop manager?---but I do intend to draw with the same gusto with which I wrote, always writing what I wanted but savoring the doors it would open. I could not sleep tonight, already thinking of Mary Magdalene...on the moon...

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