Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's Draw: consistent faces

Well, I have several strips I'd like to draw. It all centers around characters! So, over the course of drawing a story, to make what's happening clear, one thing you must do is draw each character consistently. Here's Stixie the Stuck, from Stuckwayze.
Miss Bonnie Delight's a model in Not Another Comic Book; here, I'm trying different angles, to illustrate my point about consistent faces. Even if you change a character's hairstyle, she still has to be herself!
It's been a busy time, with the all day 1980's online show on coming up. Boy, did I feel puny last night, too! But, day by day, I'm keeping track of my progress. So, here's two characters in upcoming comics for 2011 and 2012. I recommend this exercise to anyone preparing to draw their own strip or comic. In fact, even if you're just trying to draw a nice portrait, it's good to work out different angles so you can change it and make it your own, and also, to clarify the details in your head. You can't be a memorable character without your own face, though! Part two to follow.

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