Sunday, July 15, 2012

Comic Con's Spider-Panel spins the tales

So why is Dan Slott preparing to go into hiding---his words---when AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700 hits the shops? I have my theory---I’ll hang on to that---but first, a little about the rest of the post-Spider Island world, as it flourished for the eyes at Sunday’s San Diego Comic Con International panel for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!!!

I thought, by the time I arrived at 6E, I was too late for the Amazing Spider-Man panel, and took a seat to listen to Tara Strong and other OLD REPUBLIC voice actors for a while next door. I’m glad my spider-sense tingled! I made it back over to the line and went in very quickly as a “one” with two others. The kindly usher said, “I have a much better ‘one’ for you!” and sat me on the SECOND ROW!
Whatever I may have missed, flagship title writer Dan Slott participated by phone, and while we outside the panel may’ve sounded “like the adults on the PEANUTS cartoons, to me,” his answers were clear to the ears..and as cryptic to the mind as they had to be!

Writer Cullen Bunn teased the storyline for the espionage thriller of the Wall-Crawler’s world, starring Flash Thompson as “the kind of super-hero I would be---screwing everything up!” There’s a small problem ahead in his future adventures bonded with the symbiote (after Eddie Brock---a recurrent menace as Anti-Venom---and Peter Parker). First of all, if you’re following the line right now---and I just came into possession of a mountain bike that JUST may take me to the comic book shops I rarely see from downtown San Diego---then you know Kaine is the Scarlet Spider. Cullen promises the motivations for Scarlet’s battles with Flash will be reasonable, and then they will team-up for the return of the psychotic Cletus Cassidy and his spawned symbiote in a return to the Microverse in “Minimum Carnage”! Kaine will face the worst in what a killer can be…and Flash, the worst in what a symbiote can be…”and all that’s necessary for Carnage’s plan to succeed is to kill an entire tiny universe,” says Bunn, with a tongue-in-cheek. Lots more is coming with the Savage Six super-villain team, too!!!

Way more to come when I re-post: birthday girl Kelly Sue De Connick’s CAPTAIN MARVEL, Frank Tieri’s SPACE PUNISHER, answers from C.B. Cebulski and Humberto Ramos, more teasers for Spider-Man’s 50th birthday, questions from the fans and fun all around---including a visit from the creator of YouTube film sensation “Who is Miles Morales?”---a tribute from a fan/ director named Wes Armstrong who got a bit of a break before the cheering crowd!

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