Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The new Captain Marvel's coming July 18th! This Captain is truly MARVELous!!

The Marc Kane (Angela) really

likes the edgy haircut!

Okay, this is my equivalent of taking you in my pocket to San Diego Comic Con International 2012! (Mind the half dollar there next to you)!

So, as I was saying in the Spider Panel post (which I pick up here and in the next):

Cullen Bunn had just filled us in on Flash Thompson’s adventure in the Microverse (along with Scarlet Spider) in “Minimum Carnage” and we got to see the preview covers. The room’s buzzing over Dan Slott’s phone-conference discussion of Amazing Spider-Man as it builds up to #700, with the wall-crawler’s 50th anniversary and birthday (complete with more Lizardmania.

Now, we sing “Happy Birthday” to Kelly Sue De Connick, as she tells us about CAPTAIN MARVEL, announced at this year’s Wonder Con. Air Force pilot Carol Danvers is a classic Type-A personality; this high-achievement-oriented approach was inherent in her pro-feminist conception back in 1977’s MS. MARVEL: a career woman who excelled while pulling off a secret life of using her Kree-given powers to safeguard the world. Since she first appeared as an officer during the original Captain Marvel’s run, Kelly Sue’s tying together a take based on long-standing elements. “Carol’s a pilot,” she explains, “and a pilot’s brain is geared towards keeping up with one’s surroundings at all times. She likes to be in control, and when she can’t be, she gets frustrated…and because of the chaos around her, she’s going to be frustrated a lot!” She chimed in with praise for Greg Rucka's "fearlessness as a writer---his courage in his ability to hurt his characters"---so expect a tough time! (There was a literal discussion about his detailed script descriptions of inflicting pain ;-D

CAPTAIN MARVEL’s been getting great covers, like issue one’s variant by Adi Granov, or for the premiere and issue two from Ed (World's Finest, Super Man) McGuiness with Dexter Vines. The series artist is "Dynamic" Dexter Soy. The newly christened Captain---and unlike many super heroes, her character WAS an Air Force Captain---appeared last year in AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #9. Her writer's first work for Marvel included a BLACK WIDOW limited series last year, for you fans of the femme Avenger out there!

When graciously asked, Kelly Sue also told about an upcoming non-Marvel project with Emma Rios. “I enjoyed our work last year on OSBORN, and asked if there was anything new she’d like to try with me,” she says. When Rios told her she’d like to work on a Western, DeConnick’s heart leapt! Her enthusiasm shines in the telling.
After the panel, I told her how my wife and I had a weekly ritual in college where we’d drive down to Chuck’s in McFarlane Mall, pick up the latest Spider-Man offering and other comics, then grab a French fry or Frosty and read together. “She kind of fell out of touch after they first lost the Parker baby and then got rid of Mary Jane,” I told her, “but I like to think, with writing like yours, maybe we can enjoy a brand new super hero comic book together again!” This made Kelly Sue very happy: her husband and she likes to read together, as well as with their kids. “What that does in my heart to hear that---you just can’t know!” she beams.

The Premiere issue, complete with a Spider-Man 50th anniversary variant as well, comes out TOMORROW, July 18th!!!!

After that, CAPTAIN MARVEL’s out every month---maybe YOU know someone who’d enjoy reading one with you!

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