Friday, July 20, 2012

In a world where people want to be the Joker and Batman's a fantasy?

Here's some advice given freely today:

It's all good.

Is this your situation: It seems the person you wish to persuade towards copacetic behavior is dwelling only on the negatives in so many things, it seems to be the person's basic state of mind.

So, maybe:

They see the positive in something, but they instinctively give you resistance for energy to control the situation?

If that's anything close to the truth, maybe in a kinder way you can let them know you could care less about their derogatory opinions, as they seem to feel about, perhaps, your own. Nothing perturbs you, nothing feeds it. You take your energy from a limitless source, act within its allowances to your actions, and suddenly it is you who are the irresistible force. Our empathy and our need to control or change the situation work in a balance that determines our personal dramas, but remember this: it means a lot to the world that you care about someone.

If you are writing erotic vampire fiction, remember the world needs, if not deserves, great trash, as the man formerly known as President Taft says.

Do whatever you're concentrating on like you're about to get caught with it.

In a world where people want to be the Joker and Batman's a fantasy, it's best we look out for one another.

I want to come back to this with thoughts on the movie itself: I went twice in the next week and had an amazing time. It had been a long time since I saw the second of the trilogy, so while I recognized the call-backs, I didn't compare them too closely---which is for the best by most accounts.

Catwoman is my favorite of the DARK KNIGHT RISES characters, and the influences of the comics recall my high school days with the Batman. I'll try to write about the fun we had afterwords parsing its political and sociological and ethical dimensions, and have to say, The Bat vehicle is just beautifully awesome!

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