Wednesday, August 18, 2010


When I look at what I have here, I think of how happy it makes me, and how that will multiply when these pass into the hands of young people in my life. The feeling I had opening a box of 32 random comics on Christmas Day when I was 7 returned to me (this is not even ALL), and I felt safe and sound, Mom and Dad, the awareness of enormous good will and fortune in my life, only grows with the knowledge that I will pass that happiness in some different fashion to another generation. This is the only kind of material wealth, in this moment, I need. It's been a life of challenges, but great love and appreciation.

I picture me swimming in them like Scrooge McDuck.

Today, the U.S. combat operation in Iraq draws to a close. My friends are well and some benevolent heart unites our existence. I feel joy. I want to pass it to you, too.

Hey kids! Spot the "1 thru 10" numbering of the gathered issues in any of these pics?

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