Thursday, August 5, 2010

d'n'a #1 cover blog post

Okay, this is about half the scale size of the finished cover, making it that much smaller than the 11 x 17" Bristol board on which I'll draw it.
Let's reassemble our cover elements in a sketch; I used a pen at first then utilized the more flexible pencil. The striped areas are to be a dark navy blue shade, I believe. Either that or a grey shade, with the central elements then colored blue.
I am going to play with the inversion coloring and its underlying hues; I may need to experiment with different pencil shadings. I may even have to color the cover myself in Photoshop to prepare it!
here is where we are as of 2 am, August 5th. Check back for progress throughout the day and watch our cover come to life!!!

this is where I am on it a week later:

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