Sunday, August 29, 2010

STUCKWAYZE #1 (plot)

Gathered: the next pages of Stuck, with special guest horror SAGA!!! Also: Evil Lord Johann.

Ogie dines and dashes, unaware he's just ripped off Saga Restaurant, owned by the Furious Saga. To his shock, Ogie finds he has $1665 in the bank, and takes a journey.

After Ogie finds Willie on Coconuts Isle, they hike the Mountain of the Crib. They relay the Legend tm of Plunderer of the Order of the Masters of the Relic of the Ancient Tooth, as well as the short-lived status of Willie’s street performer career, which led him to work for Evil Lord Johann and taking up with a coconut he has thought, all this time, was Ogie.

They find a fellow explorer, the gentile Evil Lord Johann himself.

He tests out his gadgets and explains he’s only CLAIMED to be evil by some, so he started getting Willie to call him that, because he enjoyed the cheer with which he much so, he is behind the transfer of money to Ogie’s account. He is learning more about this hidden race/ great cheap help with the coconuts...(do either one of you draw comics, by any chance?) Knowing SAGA appears on pages ten and eleven means she lurks, then when they are trying to uncover how it is the Plunderer of the Order of the Masters of the Relic of the Ancient Tooth. She simply scares the mountain out of her way!!! Ogie just knows he needs to pay for dining at the Saga Restaurant! Ughh!

From there, ELJ and the boobs explore the Crib, and look to Princess Malace for answers, only to plummet a great length. They meet Sapreena, and she takes them to the history of their creation.

They see their essence gather before their own creators! They come into the world through an Ugly Maker Machine, or UMM, but they existed in other dimensions and forms before taking on these bodies. But did they leave the Crib with the bodies, or did they assume these shapes and mentalities because of the Amakers? Were they created as the silly part of their image?

And for that matter, where did the Plunderer O.M. of the R.A.T. vanish in history? If he couldn’t control the original Uglies springing forth, what did he decide to do next? Was he their maker, or their discoverer? Were their makers their discoverers, or did they make them completely from Imagination in the UMM?

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