Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What meets the eyes, or, a hanged man

While the cover of our comic is intended to be a bit unsettling, I had to give some second thoughts---take a step backwards in order to go two more forwards. The time came to play with the hue of the cover, and then, to Photoshop its elements in alternative patterns.

original cover
This also opens another graphics possibility for our burgeoning t-shirt efforts.

The key will be redrawing the central elements using this design. The things that evolved as if by accident appear better drawn, whereas the deliberate elements, like Chuck and Dee Cee and Amanda and the board there, are not so much. The comparison to a third-grade drawing is not entirely wrong! The black designs on the ouija board border were intended to emulate flames, but they are worthy re-drawing. By the time I've tried this inversion color scheme, some of drawings have kind of come apart compared to where I was even on my pencil sketch:

That said, now we have the elements, but let's step backward from what we've got and clarify:

So: clear features, body language, and scenario, keeping "demon" from bottom in the abstract, while better defining the ouija board’s orientation in space, clarifying the juxtaposition of Chuck’s body as free of and above the board, though losing control and altitude.

I am wondering if four shocked faces are the way to go, or if in fact I need to keep a stoic face in the mix, or just put Dee Cee and Amanda on the cover as heads, then Chuck. That way we don't have to make space in four places for heads (five counting the shadowy inhuman one). Since he's there, we have four figures, then, on the cover we will create next.

The original positioning of the Dee Cee and Amanda heads beneath the title/ logo and above the fray (Chuck, falling into his fate) exalts them better as the series' namesakes,and clarifying their expressions via however many sketches will help feature them here, their first foray into the world.
So, some elements as they were, combined with some elements kept from changing. Now we reshuffle with these cards, so to speak, and play our hand.

It's worth waiting to go to press to explore way to make d'n'a one more expressive. I'm even pondering a back-up feature that introduces a character that becomes important in issue three.

All aboooard!!!

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Next time: Is your body having fun?

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