Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stuckwayze! Ughnn!!

Well, from the mists of childhood sprang a race of silly beings...I made UGLIES #1 one summer when I was old enough to know better, and after wrapping up all but post-production work on D'n'A #1 I needed a challenge to my speed. Also, they say every artist has like 10,000 bad drawings in them and I thought, might as well get a leg up.

Anyway, I am not 100% sure, consciously, I am striving to publish STUCKWAYZE and I've gotten busy with thousands of words of writing, but I keep pecking away panel by panel. Perhaps I will get to explore the "speed" aspect once I'm done re-working the cover to D'n'A one more time!

I am pretty sure there should be some live action footage to really illustrate what they are all about, mixed in with cartooning where things get impossible. We'll see if I don't mind looking silly beyond all measure of surface cool in such a high profile way! I'm afraid I know the answer, uhgh.

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Bigby Wolf said...

You know I have never cared for the surface cool thing. I love what I love too much to waste time being surface cool.

And thats what makes the fact that " Life is not fair " So cool. If life were fair I would be surrounded by people who cared a lot about surface cool. And not about what they love.