Thursday, May 19, 2011

T-shirts, comics and more from Integr8d Soul

Sponsored by Integr8d Soul Productions, featuring DNA: The Mountain, drawn with crisp, clear story telling by Lue Lyron and the Marc Kane, with scenes and ideas you won't find anywhere else in entertainment!! The comic for those who don't read comics! Black and White, $3 plus shipping each.

Yep, Miracalla, probably something like this with some great skulls.

Myebook - D'n'A  Comics #1 - click here to open my ebook First: DNA Comics #1 is ONLINE!!!

Listen, I'm still figuring out, but meanwhile, you can do what Jason did. In Jason's case, he sent us $9 at

C. Lue Disharoon
542 6th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

which was really cool as it covers shipping and handling, at $1.25 each! The issue itself, DNA #1, retails for $3.25.

Meanwhile, our remaining t-shirts are available at Convention Special Price, for $12 each or 2 for $20, plus $3.00 for shipping & handling.

Be on the look out for Not Another Comic Book! Preview this July!!

You can do the same over PayPal, at !!!

If you want any of these images on a shirt, write me at or on Facebook. Some designs will need to be made from scratch so it will be a couple of weeks. We will have painted renderings of some images, not the photos themselves, and new ones besides. Also look for Princess Sexy Jenn in Not Another Comic Book; she's very excited about becoming a comicbook character, and she's not alone.

AND!! You can use the button provided; the $15 will cover your postage.

D'n'A t-shirt #1


D'n'A t-shirt Puzzle pieces (girl and boy)

Hope you see something you like! Skulls, guns and butterflies on the way, soon, plus a treasure or two from a let's hope gas keeps coming down and maybe you can order your own Integr8d Soul t-shirts!

Haha wouldn't that be a funny shirt, tho?

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Colin Smith said...

Hello Cease Ill

I can only apologise profusely for not arriving here before. It’s been really interesting to take a look at the comic you were discussing and note the absolute enthusiasm which marks your preview. The basic premise is an intriguing one – the man who’s face has been reconstructed and yet his life very much hasn’t – and I hope you don’t mind me saying – I suspect that you won’t – that there’s a real Seventies Marvel black’n’white vibe about the story. That’s especially true in the way are narrated rather than shown to us as happening in ‘real-time’ without being filtered through somebody’s consciousness.

I think it’s a brave thing to do, to put up your work like this when you’re still learning, as you say on your blog, the process of putting such a book together, of the writing and the art. You’ll undoubtedly learn a great deal from the process of producing the art, although I wonder if you consider producing the story in the form of a Fumetti where it’s possible; perhaps even having the two version available together. I can see you’re a keen photographer, and it might make the work easier for folks to engage with; as with my blog, it’s good to be learning from the process of producing, but that’s not always going to get an audience until more learning’s been done :) (I’m experimenting with Fumetti myself at the moment.)

Good luck with the process. I find myself in exactly the same position as you, working on the basic skills and trying to learn whatever I can. I would imagine you’ve got a pile of new pages done by now and that your confidence is growing! And good luck with the work I read you were developing in such detail in your September post.