Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You and Me on Kudzu Mt.

So, my friend Sabrina liked “Free of the Fallen World” and its gentle tone (it was also improvised from a script’s notes). She suggested I try more children’s songs and lullabies. Well, I remembered that after writing “Soon You’ll Be Eighteen” and when that song seemed complete, I decided to write this one for her. So on one hand you have a song made to make (my) parents hate your rebellious music...and on the other, you have a playtime song for little children. Writing is fun.

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You and Me On Kudzu Mountain

Let's run to a place outside

in the brush where a living room hides
And if there’s time, are you ready now?
Let’s cross this big ditch and call out ‘wow’!

For there’s things alive, and some decayed
But never have they minded play
And here they stay

Oh you and me, on Kudzu Mountain
Did I see a fairy’s fountain?

What things look like places other
If we have eyes and then discover
Till the storms say go inside
Sun gives shadow, place to hide
Where do shadows hide when there’s no light?
How is the butterfly so bright?
There’s always somewhere new to be
On Kudzu Mountain, you and me

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