Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My only sibling's getting hitched!!!

Congratulations, Debra!!!!!!!xxooox!!!!! Celebrate with us with this playlist of Debra's jams! (You can scroll through with the arrows and pick what you like, if you want!) Most of them have the lyrics!

Hopefully, Debra, you will do us the honor of singing the first song, and maybe lending us some bass? I know the best drummer, but will he be there? For all I know, Debra and Matt De Luca are going before a JP, but I do know he surprised her with the question yesterday and today he's taking her to a guy who will make her engagement ring! What a way to start summer quarter!

I feel great about this being a lasting love, so in honor of the newly engaged couple, above is a bunch of songs I know Debra loves, many of which I'll being playing for her as a wedding present, wherever she wants to open it.

It's so refreshing that love is in the air, so if you have high hopes and maybe not so much yet to show for it, do know that love finds us all, in the strangest places, and never give up on how love makes the world a better place.

Some alternative videos for songs above:

The happy new couple.


DEBRA said...

Yay! I finally got to look at this as I have my wee hours coffee. Actually, it is 530 am, which isn't really wee hours, but I guess it is to some folks. I love you Cease Ill.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Deb- you deserve the best and you know we love ya no matter what! <3 <3 - the Dixie-nator