Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jam Out With Me

Motorhead!!! Killed By Death!!!

Good weekend, Richard Rory here on Omegaville's Rock FM. Please go to our website for contact and donation details, and maybe you can figure out how to help Red Cross help the South, after the worst tornadoes since the Great Depression!

Live, new Modest Mouse, who like many of the artists in this block, has a new release!

Rest in Peace, Alberta City, Alabama. I remember a year in the life there. Bicycles and sunny days and buses impossible to catch, washing clothes at the laundromat and so much more...Love to Everyone in Tuscaloosa and throughout the South.
cover of MusiqSoulChild.

if you're in Anaheim, look for Integr8d Soul Productions at the Anaheim Comics Convention! Be sure to friend them on Facebook and keep up with the kids on the scene! Now, if only Elvira were there! Any impersonators?

Here's Kasabian, from the soundtrack of the movie 'London Boulevard'

Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks, on Stevie's new record: here's the single, on Citrusville's Rock FM.

Sonic Youth Superstar

New R.E.M., from Collapse Into Now, with Patti Smith:

and Patti Smith, with the original version of a song that became the title track, two years later, of a triumphant return to wow for a Long Island band she nearly joined in the 1970's, her old songwriting partners the Blue Oyster Cult.

here's Patti singing with Albert Bouchard, our new Facebook friend!

The Black Angels, network TV debut, Letterman.

A Bon Iver cover.

The new Subways demo, "Defiler"!

Michael Franks Frontiers is new out, but here's a 1977 classic---or is it all classic here on Citrusville's Rock FM? What time IS it, anyway? Does anybody know what time it is?

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