Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let the Charity Auction Begin!!!

The Charity listing is up!!! This is the first one of at least three; I hope to have some art available, too. If you are in the South and you just lived through the fearsome tornado, you can relate directly to what these people have endured. You may have seen the heart-rending pictures yourself. Entire neighborhoods are gone, and while people clean-up there are at least 2,000 destroyed homes and devastation in every direction. I would like to offer an auction for each state, but I had to start here with Alabama, home of my alma mater and many remaining friends.

You can get Puzzle Girl here in any size (we have it in black, too) so please help us help, alright? The other design's going up for auction next.

Another beautiful day here, busy but happy. Be chill, Cease ill

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