Sunday, December 18, 2011

The better world for which you yearn

I awakened to find Angela playing this, and I have to say it touches upon and explains many concerns of my own...but best yet, I found myself more hopeful about we the people putting a face on our solutions, and from the way of our own hearts and minds, we CAN build this future for which I've been looking around!

Many large organizations really need our participation, to make them what they SAY to us they are. At the same time, we are electronically connected as a people across physical barriers, and can communicate, and let each other know we're there. Just think about the many good people you've known, and realize for a second the thousands and thousands of organizations dedicated to the preservation of peace, to free, renewable energy, and other goals without which we would be a more miserable world. We can do this together! It all starts with you, the individual. You can make a difference. Don't let this world beat that out of you!

This movie's well put together and contains verifiable facts as well as kind, thoughtful opinions. Unlike the typical response, I'd be very interested if you watch any of it and find yourself with differing opinions; I'd treat you respectfully and think logically about whatever thoughts you had to offer. Some of the conspiracy type stuff, honestly, they can keep. The conclusion, which I watched myself first time through, is a worthwhile cohesion of the discussion.

Hope you enjoy, or save and enjoy in parts.

Be Chill, Cease ill

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