Sunday, December 25, 2011

Right and wrong: reflection up on the "Overseas Nightmare Story"

I want to say I understand my friend Johann putting himself danger; he wants to change his country for the better, to make it a place with racial blindness. His marvelous family is beside him. I don't doubt him for doing what's right for a moment.

I think Steve's had a very had time with his family, and may have reason not to feel close to them.

That leaves Janel.

That leaves the dogs.

Let's take the dogs for a moment, because they are the center of Steve and Janel's efforts to remain in Sri Lanka, at more than usual risk to their lives, until their case comes to court---it has seemed to pass through many hands in the numerous jurisdiction without success as yet, which is frustrating for them---or, until their dogs can come safely with them to America, too. That is their belief system. That is where they have continued to draw their line.

But how would a dog feel?

How would a dog, who is a pack animal, feel about their decisions, which do run the risk of endangering the whole pack, i.e. their family. The dogs are in the exact same situation if those two humans are killed as they would be if their owners leave.

It is elementary.

How much better this would be for me, having chosen to help, if I could talk to Janel's parents, her sister or brothers, anyone from her family in the United States. The problem is, when you are in their position, and you love someone who is deliberately remaining in harm's way, you are baffled. They want those two to come home, even if their dogs can't. I do not think it is unreasonable to think these intelligent people could redeem their dogs' passage, and it is no less than many migrant mothers and fathers must do, when they risk their own lives for a chance to come to, say, America, for the good of their families. There are decisions made for the best long term benefit of one's family.

I think I'm done.

Cecil, Christmas Morning, 2011.

From the pack's perspective...from the world of the dog...and reality...

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