Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Value of You: Sexual Edition

Consider this the test pilot for an erotic blog.

The Value of You: Sexual Edition

Don’t let people rob you of your sexual energy. If a relationship’s got all involved parties interested in one another’s sincere growth and health, it’s a place where any sexual exchange would not be wasted nor need feel like robbery, not even a sleepy quick one in the middle of the night.

Sexual energy’s part of an overall creative impulse; maybe the sexual imagination’s the most obvious place people develop mentally.

I believe these days the fantasy of pictures or on-camera masturbation’s more interesting as an idea or possibility than in practice; who knew, though, what WORDS could do when coupled with a hungry imagination? When I fantasize, I’d rather be having sex, since it’s part of a restoration of two very close people. Now, when I write, sometimes I fantasize about sex, or merge that sensation from memories of sex, and as writing, perhaps it can take the power of that experience to people in a way they will find healing. I suppose that’s where the intention now lies in my mind, for to make love can be to make many lovers, all in a focused experience on the person in front of you, whatever action you take.

The thrill and excitement of such energy out running around for people to see is, I hope, part of an overall healthy attitude towards one’s self and in regards to any others who may become a lover. A genuine regard seems to be the guiding principle in my loving and my memory, as I find out what I do not think is wrong and imagine what might seem very right---but is it right in actuality, or is it right only in the imagination? Once these thoughts and loving itself is liberated from shame, mockery and taboos that can in no way reduce them, with a knowing laugh there’s still the integrity of something sacred, and that is the trust that makes all true loving experiences worthwhile. for the new blog! Collection coming in June.

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