Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Caricatures and portraits: Integr8d Soul at your party!

While we usually do naturalistic comic book art and portraits, we were more than happy to break out caricature and cartoons for Jovita's Graduation Party! It was great, kicking off summertime in a great atmosphere, dazzling the cheerful crowd with our humble talents. We loved sending people home with our unique cartoon keepsakes. or

is the hook up, if you want to invite us!

Our fees are very reasonable---and flat! We sing and play, as well, if you want live musicians. has just SOME of the songs we play, and we can add more with a little notice.

We had too much fun. The guests sometimes made us laugh, as much as we made THEM laugh!

On the spot, we were taking pieces of dialogue from our conversation to spice up the drawings with word balloons.

We did a few realistic portraits, as well. We offered "silly or serious?" Naturally, lots of people just said "whatever!" Everyone was fun to talk with, and people kept coming out for cartoons late into the night. We were invited to draw for three hours, but who could resist staying another hour, until the end?

We shot out about thirty drawings, kids, adults, and pairs.
We were invited in to have a wonderful dinner courtesy of Valentine's in Chula Vista, and cake. We were asked to come in and join the dancing, too!

If only we'd gotten a picture of the one where we were asked to make the father Darth Vader, posed with his daughter. We worked from a photo to get the absent daughter into the drawing. Why he wanted to add a platypus, I don't know! "I am your father," indeed.

Patricia was kind enough not only to ask us to come, but even bought our supplies, as well as two yummy meals a piece. WE can only hope next time she's got a party, we'll be there with Sharpies and grins.

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