Saturday, June 29, 2013

Query letter for I'd Go Anywhere With You Wow, from start to submission in one month!

What a month. The desire to write a novel became a submitted manuscript in one month's time.
Will it sell? Out of my hands, for now. But this book was so deeply meaningful to me, to us, at this point in our lives. It was so funny, and wonderful to revisit pivotal (and sometimes long-gone) people in my life and draw upon experiences at the origin point of our love. Finishing this process, so decisively, has opened a new era, come what may.

So here's my query:

What's more exciting than to step out into the world of your own decisions, seeking the freedom of your spirit, with the person with whom you've just fallen in love?

Attempts at love and finding herself have left Gina Archer heart-broken. She works hard for her family, without a vision or inspiration, searching for love set aside.

Lewis King isn't seeking love, either. He wants his life to be a romance, to start a musical career in a mountain town three thousand miles away. He's only begun to understand and truly love himself, when out of friendship, he shares this with his new friend, Gina, who has anorexia and depression.

Their attraction pulls them together at dizzying speed, across a few humorous, romantically-detailed occasions. Six days after their first kiss, she agrees to join his vagabond path. The next day, as they make love, they agree to bind their lives.

As she uses his attentions to rebuild her self-concept, they surprise both families with a quick wedding announcement. Amid the discoveries of love, she's attacked by his unstable sister, with whom he lives. Her quick thinking saves them from a car accident as well.

The pair have an unconventional wedding, then decide to pursue their dream in the middle of their honeymoon and not return. They commemorate their arrival at their destination with a tattoo.

What will they do, however, when Gina becomes mysteriously ill? What will they do for their friend Von, who tries to avoid returning to his homeland? What dark secret will they discover on Lavender Mountain, where her secure life first began to fall apart?

Choosing your own way in life, at odds with tradition, is never easy. It can inspire love, and by happenstance, challenge it with instability. In this 74,000 word manuscript, working class young people overcome difficulties within the self, and two new best friends amorously, bravely face the world together, discovering the bonds of true love.
Join me, won't you? I hope you'll be drawn to the goodness of these hearts, and care about the trials and sweet moments as they heal their souls and find completeness, on the edge of lifelong dreams. I humbly promise, the freshness of discovering love and individuality will reward your patience, with the truth in their story.

With warm regard,

Cecil and Angela Disharoon
Encl.: synopsis, full manuscript

I'm converting my short story collection into a full novel, too: one story with sixteen stories told inside, by three characters. That's mostly last year's work. That one meant a lot to us, too. Life changed while the last story was being written, and I had to wrap my imagination around a very different way of thinking. The best novel I can tell from that is nearly done, as I revise Kat's Electric Thieves. Tenth Street Publishing in Australia was the first to show interest, but I'm going to keep trying, too.

But hey! We did it!

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