Thursday, June 6, 2013

Evolution (Bananas) --Soul Ba-Doom Ba-Doom

Lyrics, Cecil Disharoon Music Cecil Disharoon Performed by Soul Ba-Doom Ba-Doom

I almost died, just thinking about what could've been, should've been, way back when
Now if I should mention my problems, I just turn around and face'm all with a grin
Now I've got falling in love on my mind
It's something that I only recommend with a friend

You can't do it with doubt, or it's lights out
Even in the dark, love'll win in the end----it's going to win in the end

Oh, love, starts with trust, or ends in bust
There's no way to escape this
Turn out the lights, the last one out
Just no way you can ape this
Oh, you can be free you can change along with me
You can be part of the evolution, Look in your heart, it's the one solution

Go Bananans, Throw Bananas, slip on appeal
Better for you to hang on to what you know is real!
What you can mimic, it's still just a gimmick
Only fit for what you steal
Walk from the slime and get back to the rhyme
Resolution of the way you feel, oh!!!

Baby, catch on, baby catch on, to some evolution.

copyright 2013 Cecil Disharoon jr./ Wingbat tunes


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