Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'd Go Anywhere With You: After the Rain ( a brief tidbit)

tidbits from chapter six:

The next day, she came back to visit again. This time, they got in a walk through the neighborhood; he considered taking her to see his Grandpa and aunt. Would he introduce her as his girlfriend? He wondered, but didn’t say aloud, just how to resolve this situation. His money to travel would be depleted quickly and he really should pay his share of the month’s bills if he stayed around. Being with Gina, however, seemed as natural as breathing. What could he say to someone who had never really spent a night away from home? She seemed to be the core of her family. But what did she think of her life here? He knew he should ask. Ask…what? First they had to beat the rain back to the apartment. They laughed and out-ran the downpour, which chased them inside.

This time, when she got back to his apartment, they did end up in his room. She saw the stacks of comic books he’d just neatly sorted away, after picking over his collection for candidates to help finance his trip. He played her the simple song he’d written for her, and another he’d written. As the rain lightened up in the cloud-covered sky outside, they sat on his bed, feeling the chemistry between them. They kissed a long time, savoring the taste of each other’s mouths, the longing in each other’s eyes. She had already made up her mind, if he had her, she would not regret this man, this time. If all they could have was a few beautiful days together, he had won a fond place in her memories, to stay.

********************************************************************************Mmm, some snuggly wuggly, then***

He wasn’t sure of the perfect thing to say. What needed saying? The dim light caught her face, shining from within, full of love at his acceptance, satisfied deeply by his gift. Gina showered him with kisses, starting with his hand, which she held to her forehead, holding her own head at such a beautiful, humble angle that she seemed a nymph freshly risen from a spring. He then gave her one of his own shirts, more dry than her own, and took a clean one out for himself, too.

The rain had finally stopped. She offered to take him to McDonald’s, which he thought sounded perfectly romantic. When they sat down in a corner, over a Quarter Pounder with cheese and fries, he ate the pickles, and then shared each bite of the burger with her, from his own mouth. She chewed the bites with her eyes closed, as he stroked her face. It was so good to see her appetite returning. If he could give her nothing else, she wanted to live again. That was all he ever wanted to give anyone. He knew how it felt to not know how to feel like going on. From everything he’d heard, she’d given so much. A funny, bright, devoted woman lived inside her broken heart, and a great sunshine waited behind the clouds of her mind. He was glad he’d stayed long enough for the clouds to clear.

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