Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Comics artist poses a Gothic tableau

Ian Sokoliwski colors comics professionally, but his gothic art photography's really taken off!

I'll have some of his colored comics pieces up next, too, as a segueway into TRANZ-RUPTURE: The Avengerz

Lot on my mind I can't share openly yet.

One of the most amazing things in my life, a flashpoint in how I live it...but to make it as rich as it should be, I will have to find another way to say it.

Have been planning retrospective of Ian's work after I finished "The Defenders", but i had Leslie Scott's lovely film on hand. From Ian's Guitar Gun series...and a lifelong obsession we share, Iron Man As artists go, he is a cool exec with a heart of steel

I've included some of Ian's pencils...this is all you need to get started:

Let me be clear: Ian makes you realize YOU can do it, too. And you should!!!

You can always visit

I have an introduction to his work and all my collaborations, TRANZ - RUPTURE stories and song lyrics up on

Namaste, Be chill, Cease ill.

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