Thursday, March 4, 2010

Write you a man...and A Part of Me

If I could write you a man...

Well, for one, I'd start with his character:
He'd say things like "I love you" and then
show he means it.

I'd have him tell the truth,
and I'd have him see beauty in things around him,
so that he continues talking only about things that are true
and never lies about what he says he loves and calls it ugly.

I'd have him bring me food, sometimes, not all the time,
that is, i mean you, i can't tell us apart:
I can only tell you what it is
to write a man. Maybe I am just your manly face,
hidden beneath your womanly face, but both of them want the same thing
and both of them meet to make a kiss
that is so easily writ
and yet so undiscovered.

I'd have him look at you when you are busy, compliment you as you work, offer to bring you a bite off of whatever he's made for himself; he would be so good to your son, you wouldn't know how to separate the two of them, nor ever imagine separate they were,
just two faces of the same love.

I'd write him in slang;
I'd write him in song;
I'd write him in sophisticated sentences, capable of logically organizing brilliance;
I'd write him in exclamations!

I'd write him in poetry
for that's all you know of me

and all there is, most can know.

I'd write him as a mystery,
I'd write him spontaneously;
I'd write him comedically,
and I'd write him every day.

I'd give him desire to see your fantasies met,
I'd give him fondness for times you won't forget;
I'd give him legs that would walk miles for you
I'd give him hands, helping all that you do.

He'd wrap himself around you in surprising moments;
He'd let you in on his deepest fears;
he'd cast them aside in the face of your wisdom;
he'd let you know how you're always near.

And his reward would be to lie
awake beside you as you rest
and ponder all the ones you love
and wrap his arms around your chest

he'd be a man, your friend, the best
until you set like the sun in the west

he'd be the right man, write man...
write, man...right, man...
if I could only right you a man
if I could only wright you a man
if I could only write...
and make you...
...a man.

love, lue lyronxx

There is a part of me
That no one gets to see
To experience
To let breathe
Oh how do I deliver all that I am
At your doorstep
Without the hurt being yours
Now the pain
Resides in me
For this part of me I can’t express
Calls me to do just that
Express it
Still I hold my tongue
For this society is cruel
To one such as I
With so much to give
And so little recourse
As to how to achieve it
Without taking away
From all of you
Your precious paradigm
Marc Kane

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