Monday, March 29, 2010

Play what you feel

I can't say enough about playing what you feel...A minor chord reflects that decades-gone melancholy, and suddenly one finds himself basking in the joys of how song lifts a spirit and, when remembered, remains with you as a commemoration of your time that you can share with others.

I'd been waiting to finish a story arc for longer than I care to admit (I really must buy an ergonomic chair, you wouldn't believe what I sit on) and leaving my guitar out of reach mostly until I finished. But sometimes your focus fails you, as you call upon the wrong side of your intuitions, while another cries out to be expressed.

Well, the first thing I start trying to remember is a song my father-in-law wrote when he was 19, away from home the first time in the Air Force, missing his young family and his sweetheart. I work it out fairly well; I consider calling him but realizing I can't be on the phone and play at the same time.

One medley of some favorite Integr8d Soul tunes later, I feel the urge to pull together guitar and harmonica and see where it leads me. So, I say, allow yourself mistakes. It all works together to become your life. Play what you feel.

Can't Pretend & Another Sky Remembered (4:20) :

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