Wednesday, March 24, 2010

gypsy cave

Welcome to Gypsy Cave;

It’s all that you are, meeting all here you see;
if you’ll only be free, here, truly, you’ll be.

Yourself--- you’ll be, so beautifully written
Don’t worry now, just know that you’ll fit in.
You’ve something your own, to teach, to share,
And you’ll leave not wanting for time or care.
Here, we’re all new; a forever first visit
The door to yourself is always implicit.

You'll love my thoughtful hang out spot
For all it is, and all it’s not
where people come and visit me
on my Kudzu Mountain sanctuary.

The energy here is super charged, and positivity clicks;
Friends visit for tarot readings and chinese fortune sticks...

Here I smoke my cloves, and drink sweet takara
to fill timeless air with the words known tomorrow
in scents of temples, India; of Happenings, patchouli;
Together, with swirling soy candles, like a record store, truly
of days gone by, innocence, where we meet
where the dog and cat lounge at our feet
by the thousands of songs, and the sounds of chimes,
and we make ourselves new, from the oldest of times.

Now there’s nothing inside you that here you can’t fix
as you drift to your zen through the meditation mix,
or any other tune that shuffles its way
up thousands of songs, while kindness holds sway.
Play, though never you’ve touched a guitar;
Sing, living dust of the life-giving star.

Explore curiosities all through the night
here be a soul, be an open delight;
for we’ve gathered all churches, there need be no steeple;
we need only gather some genuine people.

Here, they’re received without grave pretention;
Here, there’s no slave; uncovered intention.
Laugh, for there’s graves enough for those gone;
Life’s grave enough, when you’ve never got on
Nor savored the pictures, or never knew song
Nor travelled through image, just found yourself wrong.

Never join in to the sleep of this fashion;
Sleep is for dream; see dreams for passion!
Passion for music and art and living---
Passion for all, in all that you’re giving.

The tables are littered with Hemingway’s works;
Kerouac, Palahniuk, many Beat quirks
And their rhythms, uncorked, like a wine to flow through us;
Faith over tea with C.S. Lewis.

Sex, conscience, humor, devotion
Are part of our speech; explore here the notion:
Solutions might aid you, whatever your strife
where all odd curiousities of life
are openly pondered, endlessly
for days to come, until we see---
until we see together the dawn
to waken these senses, long after you’re gone

For you must make of this world your friend
And fear not its turning, and fear not its end
For timeless, where travels meet incense and clove
Forever you’ve visited this gypsy cove.

Getting to know what in friends we hold true---
The new one you meet, I hope, will be you.

Welcome to Gypsy Cave.

C. Lue and Angela Dawn Disharoon, lyrics, art.

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Sabrina said...

You two are so soulful and creative and wonderful! I love this. I feel so very honored. Xoxo

~ the gypsy SD#9

Bigby Wolf said...

Beautiful to read