Sunday, April 25, 2010

Art: a gallery B

Khalid Alkaaby

Heather Leilani Green

Rebecca Sproles Photography/ Tulsa Photography

Eric Cooper

Barry Windsor-Smith

From the gallery of Ian Sokoliwski

Draconis Rubia

Frank Quitely

Amy Holt's Weekend Project

Kathy Cheatlet

Lyne Shabonne Rooks

Lue Lyron

Jennifer Abby

Jack Kirby (note the Surfer! No signature needed)
Tamara de Limpicka

"Amethyste" (courtesy Lilith Gallery)

Self-Portrait in Green Bugatti

Marc Kane, self

Dylan by Vita Bliss Presul

David Mack

Lue & Marc "We're Partnered Up!"

Java Jones, during shoot of Chad Cavanaugh's first video

More Art Walk ---a video!---at

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