Friday, April 23, 2010

Making a Scene: of Oaths and Expectations (or was that Oafs and Expectorations? I don't expect orations)

So the heroes of 2 the ResQ! are sitting around in all too small a space. Quantum Crystal Leah, the Vaquero, Mr. Bumble, and Blind Sight (who is not using his powers, so he can see) are playing cards, while Odd Infinitum sits with his back to them working out a chant...

To shine bright/ With all my might/ I must be rid of inner blight
And sight my fight with light for right. ----Odd Infinitum
That's tight!---Mr. Bumble

He's working on oaths again.---Vaquero
Or his alibis.---Blind Sight
I think that's an affirmation.---Quantum Crystal Leah *
Some one remind me: what's difference between an Oath and an Affirmation?---Mr. Bumble

Well, an oath can be like, "By the whistling beard of Wotan!" By the way, I have no prejudice against metaphorical sight, light, or fight for right, Odd ---Blind Sight

"'By the jostling beard of Wu-Tang,' what does that even mean?"--Crystal Leah

"None so blind..."---Vaquero
"A nun so blind is little help at all when a frisky priest transfers to the parish." ---Blind Sight. "But me? I go blind only when I use my powers."

"Yes, you remind us with every issue."---Mr. Bumble

"And you go blind when you're losing at Spades," Vaquero, shuffling a deck. We're down ten books.

See, if it's funny and wise, it can be a "laffirmation". I guess that's a genuine 'wise crack'---Mr. Bumble

"(Ahem)...with all my might, I must be rid of inner blight..." --Odd

Well, I know the right fight when I see it, and this isn't Blight Night---Blind Sight

is that when they give out free funghi to kids 12 and under at the ballpark?---Mr. Bumble

Quiet down, I'm working on my affirmation here...---Odd (tapping fingers)

Sorry, I do sightless, not soundless. If you want it quiet? You may need to take a firm stance. ---B.S.

"Affirm, hahah!---Leah
Excuse me, I think I need to go let out my light.---Odd

I believe I heard him swear.---Mr. Bumble
Now THAT's the difference between an oath and an affirmation.---Blind Sight

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