Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Integr8d Soul music

"U R Me"

Here is where I've gone with my half of the arrangement, as of this week, December, 2010.

"Little Spiritual Light" Integr8d soul featuring Marc Kane

Blank (roll tide roll)

lue | MySpace Video

back when the Tascam was working:-D will be nice to redo this. "Changeless Changeability"

Changeless Changeability

Integr8d Soul | MySpace Music Videos

That's Marc Kane Fashion Bags, too! Ask.

Slide show donated by our friend "Smorg"

A song soon to be re-recorded with some arrangement touches, harmonica, keyboards, even some new melody: "2 Left Hands"
We're really trying to come back after a year focused on writing and drawing. Wish us luck figuring out our new recording equipment. These were our first efforts.

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