Friday, April 2, 2010

Pi Day---D'n'A

Here is our Pi Day slice of terrific, a poetic and mathematical reflection...

I was just added by the delightful Bob Layton, whose work on IRON MAN and Valiant Comics is widely remembered by fans of comics...he's not done yet! Support Bob's new efforts, and check out his website. Tell'em Cecil sent ya!

We have an extended, full-comic sized horror storyline: D'n'A, "The Dark Side of the Mountain". I am considering promotional comic strip host sites, if anyone has any suggestions! We'll try to post another every week, along with our continuing music, stories, and ideas. Our upcoming collaboration with artist Lyne Shabonne Rooks (featured in the Art Gallery A blog a month back) in England has begun its trans-Atlantic trek; the classic SANDMAN series is our spin-off point, as she is new to comics (but not art!). Her posters will be available soon, too. You can see that blog at and if anyone requests an image through the comments here or in Facebook, I'd be delighted. The same goes for our collections of short stories; I'll put up something here that will let you pick your choice from the ones presented in rough draft form on this blog. They are hand-bound and available for whatever donation you see fit, plus shipping and handling.

Feel free to add our link onto your wall for your friends, and enjoy the free comics!

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