Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Partner'd UP finishing touches drawing pt. 2

"We were partnernered up!!" I signed, after taping her signature. After one more comparison and change, I finished pictures and then listened to her make a file after the videos were erased from the chip. She spelled back 'partnered' as she typed it, and we caught the pun, "part nerd".

Team work: we spent about an hour and half of our time combined, about an hour of that being Marc Kane's work, taking turns adding and erasing touches and making suggestions...

Memorable, fun...and then, let me try this out:


That's the name I think of at the moment when I ponder the idea of the strip titled, "Immortals in Training" which works better as a subtitle, a series where couples learn how to deal with lives as superheroes with children that disappear to be replaced by three magical siblings, who must be family and partner,..those characters, partnering with people such as the Scarlet Dragon no. 9 and Vita, who figure out their own partnership...Miracalla, appearing as a partner...always a team up of at least two of the characters to make each story...if not more or potentially all...

Partner'd Up! Or, PARTNERS IN PERIL, my second name for it (when I thought of going beyond the title SUNSTRIKE AND VALKYRIE MAID).

People falling in love; people forging partnerships with varieties of emotional distance, closeness, and traits...kind of like "Friends" maybe for people who would not really bother to watch FRIENDS at all...people looking for something special about life itself... with lots of super people in the mix, but lots of coping with the living in the ordinary world with in a non-ordinary way, around people with "normal" perceptions...God help'em...:-)

So, everything I'm trying to achieve that started from the direction of SunStrike and Valkyrie Maid, which became Immortals in Training, now fits in a book, I believe, I'd call PARTNER'D UP, or PARTNERS IN PERIL! Creators can retain use and ownership of their own characters and continue in whatever storylines they personally conceive and approve for it to go into each issue! It's a team book, a parent's book, a streetwise fantasy, a buddy comedy, romance of all ages, with science and logic whenever it serves the complete story...and lots of parts of life that have misunderstanding, neglect, and difficulties sprinkled in...but a benevolent heart at the center, that wonders about each and every character that wanders into its pages...:-D

Now! here is the sketch Marc Kane started. She consulted with me as she was orienting the bodies, then took over, providing it to me later in a complete form. We then worked together, taking turns bring the small details to a life-like celebration of our camera phone picture subject, a mother and son.

The stage captured here of course is the finishing touches ....

Asked for a signature, I took what she said during it and titled it "We were partnered UP!!" Loved it.


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