Friday, April 16, 2010

Orgasmic birth: changing the myth of labor

Our culture retains a popular myth about the inevitable pain of child labor, predicted in Genesis in the Bible and perpetuated by Hollywood (and many, many first hand accounts). Yet evidence shows a surprising percentage of births (as high as 21% by one source; I'll include the link), particularly conducted at home, that resemble the circumstances that may have led to the conception being brought to term!

It's possible. It may even change the way we think about life, how we come into this world, and how we bring life into this world.
So, whether it's time for your joyful deliverance or just time to share,
ponder this idea, as presented here by

There is also a big screen project called Orgasmic Birth, the trailer for which I've found on youtube

Here is the link for the report that first introduced me to this idea (as well as the citation for that statistic:


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