Friday, May 21, 2010

My gift to you: the sounds of Astra Kelly

Hey, good luck to this fellow up here drumming! He's heading for Afghanistan. This song, you find on the Astra Kelly band cd of eleven songs recorded here in S.D. at Studio West. Look for her at 11 am at the Hard Rock Cafe, Sunday the 17th!
"music" at SD Indy Fest

From Chicago we have Astra Kelly,who's graced San Diego for the past few years. with her powerful alt-rock sound, incorporating a guitar-driven rock line-up but also violins, and a passionate singing voice. You can hear those soul/ blues influences when she cuts loose. She's got several years of touring under her belt, and presently she's playing shows all over California.

Like all the musicians featured here, the words matter as well as the music. Her page describes the sound as "Catchy and smart, lyric-based, melodic rock with a message."
Her November 2009 release Battling the Sun can be found here:

When I listened to it, I found a stripped down acoustical side that highlighted her vocals, and even a reprise of track 2, "One and Only" hidden at the end that continues the intense rock out of the second half of the EP.

She has a lot of fun; tonight she taught the Dublin Square Pub how to clap along with a tune like a real Irish pub. LOL, San Diegoans. I think they knew the Bob Marley "No Woman No Cry" better. I do like it, as it's drunk-optional the way some traditional fare sorta isn't!
Next time I'll include the cool and fun back cover, like its front, illustrated by Billy Martinez, a name I recognize from local comics! He's the creator of Neko Press and also gives studio classes.

And most anything else you want to know? Start here:

Here's Astra Kelly and band at the Ruby Room; it's quite a scene!

This is the 2nd part of my local sounds series; I absolutely WILL finish up my ongoing story this weekend, it's all ready to go but for the typing...

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