Monday, May 24, 2010

San Diego's Funk Scene

My friend and neighbor Tuf Dana Alan is one of the most talented songwriters/ arrangers/ performers I've ever known. Several times now I've seen his perennial band, Zamore, anchored by G. Whiz on bass, featuring the S.D. Sax Man, and of course, my good friend Tuf-Dana. The lead singers rotate a bit, but those three are always there. My favorites are their Prince and Michael Jackson covers; they also did Atlantic Starr's "Always" So here's a little of their flavor, from B.B. King's in Hollywood.

Tuf-Dana is always in the funkiest bands in San Diego. He's the one who turned me on to Funk's Most Wanted. They play new songs from Nelly, Outkast, Parliament, Earth Wind & Fire, Prince, Morris Day and the Time, Venega Boys, Robert Palmer's "Early in the Morning", "Take On Me," Cameo and, really, all kinds of good Old School.

My favorite FMW show was at House of Blues; my Mom was visiting (!) and insisted on going with us, despite intimations that the show could be a little, er, burlesque. Well, the first act was...Mom never went for this kind of thing growing up, but we were close by, gettin' down, while she stood with our friend L.O. (whose ankle was in a cast) beside the stage. During "the Single Life" one of the singers looked straight down at her and said, "How 'bout YOU, Mama?!?" She turned bright red...which is hard to see in a House of Blues....

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