Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baja sabor: Israel Maldonado

Continuing the spotlight on great local music: classical, Brazilian, reggae and salsa all meet in the versatile music of the Israel Maldonado Band.

Here's the band as I first met them: performing salsa and Brazilian percussion for a noisy crowd! This clip was made at Winston's in OB upon release of their 2007 cd.

Israel's in search of more live footage, as the live show is where the Latin rhythm best comes to life, with band inspired by dancing people and the energy of the moment. While it's hard to find a clip that truly does the band justice, they DO sound great in the studio as well.

He also teaches music in Solana Beach and Ocean Beach (not a bad place for a volleyball fanatic, either).
Looped music is a Maldonado passion; you will find him creating loops sometimes in shows as well. I've included a link

You can also find the band performing at Art Walk in my late April blogs. Enjoy!

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