Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From the book Not a Word of This 2 Any 1

Have you found yourself lately?

I seem to have lost a self along the way.

If you see me, tell me I'm seeking!!!

I could sure use some help with my energy leaking.

2 places only seen in dreams
while life becomes full of facial creams
and Daily working toward my health

Vowing 2 do good with whatever wealth
Accumulates in my life sot that materialism may not cause me strife.
Oh True to be my own
and leave a well-made road a stone.
And letting the energy Flow His mind found room to Grow.

art Lue, words Marc

Well, I DID take out the ten Fantastic Four installments from their April, 2009, place. But this counts as Post 101, now. Here is a pen cartoon I created from my dearest friend Marc Kane's poem.

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