Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Southern California music, Lestat's

Illustration: Marc Kane
"Bob Dylan with a skirt meets Jewel with an attitude."

She's Lindsay White; you've got to hear her sing! Inspired by gospel flavors growing up in Corocoran, CA, her dad's folk records, and those great 90's lady singer-song writers, she's been performing since she was 13. In March 2009, she competed as one of 6 finalists in the San Diego Songwriters Guild's Songwriting Contest at The Belly Up Tavern. I invite you to listen and find out why. Here he is at world-famous Lestat's, Live. You can find her and Lindsay and the White Lies playing every single week in San Diego and surrounding areas.

She's on YouTube and also at

Cavanaugh photos, Tanya Alexis

I wouldn't have met Lindsay without her friend and all-around terrific guy, Army Vet and Coffeehouse Rebel, Chad Donald Cavanaugh. Since he settled down with his wife and family, he's put his mind to this second career and dream, playing in Arizona, and New Mexico, as well as Southern California. I cannot explain this thoughtful observer's obsession with bacon. He can be found Fridays down at Java Jones, hosting Coffeehouse Radio, downtown on 9th ave. at Market Ave. has his upcoming dates.

Here's a very catchy Lestat's performance:

Well, video's shaky, but appreciated, 'cause here's these two in a duet written by Chad!!

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