Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Matt Cook Live from Ocean Beach, CA

Featuring champion pole dancer Flying Laura, banana/ spaghetti comedian Gene DeBruler and "fingerboard" skater Steev Whilquins, the fourth season of Matt Cook came off the hook, as it will be every other Sunday! Matt and co-host Joe Clark just want everyone to have fun, and it shows. So have you enjoyed the funk/rock music of Defamation League, the show's house band? They gotcha boogie.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxje82VyWAg

Matt Cook Live is billed as "Ocean Beach's only live television show", taped every other Sunday at Winston's Beach House in O.B. It has a nice "underground early Letterman" feel, as they've clearly tightened up the format from three previous seasons' experience and reproduced a professional tv show atmosphere on a budget the OB bohemians could love.

Not only was the host a throw back to the live radio programs I used to enjoy, but the variety of talent was very fresh. Bringing her own portable pole, Flying Laura demonstrated her take on the art, which she is eager to break into the mainstream with Cirque de Soleil level contortions and displays of strength and grace that suggest years of training mind and body to peak perfection. No, she's not available for bachelor parties; " in trying to bring this to the mainstream," she said to Cook, "I have to be very selective about where I choose to perform." Her choice of music, "Valentina" by Prince, provoked not only Cook's amazement but also a hilarious anecdote about a basketball player sub-leasing his home to the Purple One, only to find, after he'd moved out, a fully-built beauty salon complete with Prince insignia built in.

In her description:

Laura's purpose is to bring you the art of pole, as just that, an art. one that will mesmerize and inspire you. One that takes athleticism, fluidity, and flexibility. Prepare for a new experience.

She has a performance coming up on June 3rd, I believe, for the showcase promoting Jeans4Justice, a non-violence campaign that encourages creative expression.


Now there is a video of skater "Steeve" and his dream that's intended to crack you up:


A true rebel in his community, disregarding private property rights, Steev Whilquins has become the Banksie of the tiny tech deck world.

When the world gives him props, you can be hip and say you knew the cat when.

As we prepared to film his interview, however, the possibility of being censored caused Steve to fly into a rage.

Perhaps he can find a show that is more "fo real" to express his individuality. This is often the case with geniuses in a field; they are difficult in real life. It is difficult to be the pioneer of a sport some would deem "too extreem"

Finally, we were treated to the most erudite buffoonery a pun can allow in the form of Gene De Bruler, a young Comedy Club vet devoted to bananas, spaghetti, and silly. Who says an education in Roman classicism is a waste of time? It's at least good for a Gene joke.

Defamation League has a new cd coming out as well downloadable songs online. You can hear them for yourself on their site (and here, once the video's approved) Check them out!
And now, free of interruptions,

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