Monday, January 17, 2011

22nd Annual Martin Luther King Day Festival

Check out the sea life~

Danny I

Shoreline Rootz

If only my phone clips could do it justice; Southern California is blessed with a need to dance, and thanks to the World Beat Center's free show at Balboa Park, we did just that, strangers sharing a big floor and many smiles. Babies and aged Rastafari and young ladies and Black Mothers and everyone ever descended from Africa was represented in some way: playing chase on the playground, chattering in excited groups, and no hard feelings, just driving beats.
I particularly enjoyed "Rat Race" by Shoreline Rootz, Rosie's solo turn, and all the lyrics. They were the reason I came, and did not disappoint!!!
The guy from Army finished with this beautiful a capella number. They are hard to find on YouTube; I'd try ReverbNation. They hail from the Virgin Islands.

There was food from all over America and the West Indies, too; Costa Rica Chili, Louisiana Creole Gumbo, African Peanut Coconut Curry, and our personal choice, a cold Bob Marley Berry drink.

I can't say enough about Danny I, either. Now him, you can find in many clips; his 2007 album seems like a good place to start.

Please don't take this as a diss to the rest; I woke up late after we painted at 4 am! :-D

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