Sunday, January 23, 2011

TRANZ/ X-Men continues -From the darkness of the mind: a strange rescue mission

STORM: While a trans-rupture spreads across human minds---some of whom are already risking their lives against a wilderness blaze---we remain in this astral realm. I was first to enter: I joined the Vikings, to guard against those manipulating the Slay Box from their time a thousand years before! In fact, I sense a vague affinity for their location; they attempt to dissuade the use of the box by Remus Sharptooth and his futuristic patron.

COLOSSUS: Even here, these waves are creating a---how do you call, a dissonance! I have flashes of distorted impressions of the rest of you!

MACHINE MAN: At first I wondered if we’d actually breached some type of spiritual plane---which would definitely give me something to chew on later! Yet, because they are bounded by electrical impulses, I can utilize the signature of our brain patterns to keep up with everyone. Which is funny, because we haven’t really for the most part been introduced properly!

JEAN: I didn’t know telepathy could be used to read an artificial intelligence mind, but I can---and with your permission, I’m going to share that perception of our mind wave locations, to orient the team.
MACHINE MAN: Granted. It’s an open mind, anyway.

JEAN: I still psionically detect our world; the location just beyond this pocket dimension is in the midst of turbulent psychic change and natural disaster.

COLOSSUS: Except, possibly, for Marvel Girl, I do not see what good we can do unless we find our way back to Earth.

NIGHTCRAWLER: Right now, we exist at an extra-dimensional tangent to the same location. If I could figure out my location back in regular space/time in relation to this.

CYCLOPS: It’s odd enough that we still perceive time, and to some degree, space, in a similar fashion to before. So we need to return to where this mentally-generated plane shares coordinates with the place in Southern California we just left! We need to throw a wrench in the wolf sorcerer's plan.

JEAN: Here, I can prepare some kind of coping mechanism for the minds of everyone afflicted by this dimensional anomaly; that may be the key to stopping it all together. This may be as close to impossible as healing the M’Krann Crystal itself when these very energies were leaked into the world!
STORM: As with them, Jean, we are at your utter disposal to assist anyway we can.

CYCLOPS: are Machine Man. I’m Cyclops, and these are most of the X-Men. You and Jean encountered the super-computer responsible for channeling the power to create this cross-the-board metamorphosis. Did you record details of the schemata that would help us, then, with the secondary problem of re-locating us to Earth?

MACHINE MAN: It may be impossible to quantize gravity in 3+1 dimensions without creating matter and energy artifacts.

WOLVERINE: Nother words, you need a flashlight?
MACHINE MAN: I meant it in a computational sense, but yes, actually, that’s one way to put it!

JEAN: Matter of fact, I’m reading a “ping” signal calibrated like Cerebro; Hank and Charles are utilizing our mutant detector to attempt retrieving us. But---the rupture’s taking nearly all my attention! Such phenomenal power! I must enter Earth with the counter-measure prepared; time’s fleeting, and I don’t know if even we can restore sanity to an entire planet!

CYCLOPS: If we can pull together something approximating our target, perhaps my eyebeam can issue a target location.

NIGHTCRAWLER: From the schematics, I have a picture of the location of the room with the Slay Box. Unglaubich! I ---may be ready.
JEAN: I’ll supplement you; can you feel the Cerebro probe? I see it forming in your mind.

CYCLOPS: Here’s your target; my beam extends out of sight, into the dark. I am not sure how far this will be, Kurt.
WOLVERINE: Or if it’ll work.

NIGHTCRAWLER: You’ll...never get anywhere...thinking ..._*BAMF*_
Like THAT!!
WOLVERINE: Are we in...mid-port?!? I smell...reality...smell anything...can hear, this way!

Jean opens contact from Logan’s mind to Kurt’s.

JEAN: Kurt, you did it!
WOLVERINE: I had to use my senses to nail down just where things are! Flamin’ astral realms!
NIGHTCRAWLER: I sense the Phoenix is to thank for your shared impressions---as well as my success! Apparently, leibchen, we’ve returned where our bodies lay, scattered about the burning wilderness surrounding the mountain.
WOLVERINE: ‘Crawler---‘port me sixty yards, four o’clock!
NIGHTCRAWLER: Mein Gott! One of the soldiers, opening fire on the rest!!!

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