Thursday, January 27, 2011

The making of Superman: Opkimistic

My update, complete with materials (model, pieces from previous effort)

the man.


Script for Superman: Opkimistic

Pg 1Superman: The twins must be in here!

Pg.2 There’s the basinet.
When I heard about their kidnapping, I changed and began
the trail of clues that’s led me---NO!

Green...KRYptonite!!! But---the children! I...I must...

Pg 3 Outside, in the alleyway, a desperate cry for help reaches...a caring person...
But one who finds the distance to the smashed wall a challenge.

Man: I know I hear someone. I’ll never forget that time that lady died in front of me, in the parking lot.
I wished I knew c.p.r. I didn’t know a thing to do.
I hope this isn’t a trap. But I can’t walk away...any easier

--Than I can walk over to this wall. Right now, it would be just as hard, either way.
A voice says: “Be careful. I will protect you, but I also need your help...”

Man: There’s Superman! I think whatever’s wrong with him is glowing in that baby bed.

SUPERMAN : I hear labored, deliberate steps.

Page 4
SUPERMAN: I listen to his breathing. To help, he summons all his strength, and more.
All his help me. Great Scott! His Lungs!
He came to help, even with fiery agony, each breath...his lungs, mostly scar tissue...
Man: There!
SUPERMAN: i WON’T let you down! Many thanks!
SUPERMAN: I’ve picked out the kidnappers’ scouts watching nearby!
Until the police arrive, I need your help once again.
Man: Doctor told me...I needed to get out...and be...around people who are...more op...opki...
More opkimistic.
I can’t think of anything better.

The End.

Next this would either be redrawn or inked, but there's my draft of the story, and the writing of it was the point. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy.
Update: conforming to a single page try-out.


Superman progress [IMG][/IMG]

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