Sunday, January 2, 2011

Editorial preface to X-MEN: Frightened Off the Face of the Earth! conclusion was where our TRANZ saga kicked off! So my final Marvel Wish List crossovers with my novel (see for the Defenders) are at last complete, as I shed the twenty month pastiche story project begun 4/4/09 ( with one lasting tribute: to Superman, and his biggest fans, and also, my Dad. Coming up on 1/5/11!

The seven stories completed in this cycle are my love letter to the comic book super heroes of my youth and my life, as their reliable voices helped me as I have wandered back again and again into the possibilities of the first full-length novel I wish to complete, as well as a life long dream of writing at least one really good story (I hope?) with each of these, retouching the power of the imagination in the age when I discovered them. That imaginative power now lights my way as I continue a career of writing in gratitude for the opportunity to type again every day.

The rest of 2011 will be dedicated to completely original characters, the music of Integr8d Soul, and more random decisions than ever before!

And now, as we go into the final chapter tomorrow:

XAVIER: i WILL lend you what I can of my experience from uniting humankind against the Z’nox, Jean---THOUGH I SPENT MONTHS at that task!!! But so far, though they are exceptionally troubled, only several thousand incubate the Transmetamorphosis effect.

JEAN: Remember what a mess I was, Professor, when you came to teach me? I can draw on that. The Phoenix...can do almost...anything.

NIGHTCRAWLER: This Box seems to be the key; could I teleport the Box out of the chamber?

STORM: But the feedback may kill you!

WOLVERINE: Don’t be shocked if it doesn’t save the day, either. Just the same, I’d carve that sucker into toothpicks.

(How will the X-Men ever get out of this one? Is this an unusually original story for you? I promise I've given it my best shot!If You've been following the crisis, hang on! I'm typing out the draft tonight, and editing in the morning! See you at 11 AM Pacific!)

Be Chill Cease ill

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