Sunday, January 30, 2011

X-MEN: tranz rupture! The Firestorm

JEAN: Now with the team’s arrival back in three dimensional space beside time, my makeshift “switch” is ready.
As I empathically aligned myself with the web of telepathic connections, I thought of the day Sara was hit as we played in the street---my first telepathic experience---her dying thoughts. It’s nearly as intense for everyone so far affected.Their confusion, their desire to heal one another, inspire one another, dominate one another---and all the realms of daydream, exposed without relief!
So...some relief, or insanity!
I’m reminded of Wolverine; the glimpses into his treading water above a great depth, while trying to find the way back to land. He’s actually the closest model to sanity I have at hand, for dealing with similar...baggage!
His past: stitched together in ways even he is not fully aware---and I feel what he feels for me. I open myself, this one time, to wonder: what is it, really, in ourselves that forces our love to be...exclusive? But in Scott’s case, the poor guy and I...he’s the flipside to what it is I need here:
the very special brain of Scott Summers. For some time now, I’ve explored how it is that he cannot turn his mutant power—his deadly eyebeams---on and off. With the power of the Phoenix, however, lies the key---to a freedom transcendent I’ve wanted to offer him--- to try with him, part of the most special present I can.
That template---that power, uncontrollably raging in the brain--- I stir into the empathic “mix”, suggested to this localized, affected microcosm of the universal mind---that the choice is theirs. Let the power flow...or shut it off. Only mankind, as Wolverine rightly said, can know if they are ready---if this is the way life on Earth evolves, on a scale unknown to precedent.
STORM: The wind system created by the superheated plains is sucking the air away, all around it!
Fire whirls are spit from the center of the firestorm---and the strong jet stream is nearly untamable!
The increased oxygen fuels the fire to towering heights! I must reach outside the system, to bleed the jet stream of its ferocity, or no amount of rain I can bring here will be in time!
COLOSSUS: We must move!!! Firefighters are being sucked into the flaming vortex!!!
WOLVERINE: Can’t let these poor suckers buy the farm---but unless we take that mountain, we’re in for a world o’change, in the truest sense. Makes it not sound so bad, actually, considerin’ the state a’ things.
At the edge of the barrier, inside the cavern between the pillars of the Super Computer, Remus and Ray undergo a struggle that physically resembles a cellular mitosis. Remus tries to keep his composite identity together, but Ray only wants to be free.
KANE: Ray is free!
RAY: Yes! ---to reach you, the Kane and Dragonvayne, and unite around the box!
Sulinar Vix and Corpse Flower pour their powers above and below; futuristic and ancient powers struggle with the Dragon’s Line. Divided from Captain Ray, Remus lacks the substance to maintain full power.
REMUS SHARPTOOTH: No! Snarrgh! ! I become immaterial!!! BUT as you become more also become more vulnerable! Behold the Fire Element, feel the claws of the dragon, as I call the heat from the blaze surrounding this sear your bodies, as the volcano should have, a thousand years ago!
KANE: I have had no body and lived as flame. The magicks of my soul can grant us some surcease from this mighty heat...
RAY: As we reach for the Box, sister, we become more entangled in this physical plane! Soon, we will draw breath a place without air!
NICOLA: If we can move the Box from its stasis, perhaps we can remove it from this time stream!
CYCLOPS: Team! Converge on the heart of this super computer! Jean, please, can you..?
JEAN: The cavern’s location is in your thoughts, on the peripheral left, people.
CYCLOPS: The man’s thoughts are transparent as glass; the Box is the objective! Nightcrawler!

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