Friday, January 21, 2011

Free of the fallen World: The Song I discovered

Before I could finish my TRANZ pastiche you may have been following in this very column, it seems I had to experiment with making some of the words into a soothing post-midnight ballad, which just a handful of hours earlier could've kicked off the night with bright, loud, snappy guitar! Now, I'm getting the last truly killer touches in these, my professional calling cards, the stories I'd hand to Marvel Entertainment to demonstrate, first, my admiration for these characters rediscovered as I reconnected with my inner child, who was happy to see me indeed. Here's hoping to some kids in the real, yo! Now, I have a song, the first completely original by-product of that creative effort: a song, all my own. Already ideas to fill it out have come to me, but they'll have to wait, it's a one room apartment :-d


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