Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cave of the first gypsy

Day Two: Awakening in the Cave of Gypsy the First

9 am comes with a window of slow Southern sunshine, and I find myself in the place I described as “where I felt the most welcome in all of Georgia” for our tired, end-of-the-trip crash. Familiar territory, coziest of beds, and right down the road from 2012: perfect, with hospitality and friendship with the couple we’ve hung out with most over the years that grow further from first days.

Dixie's imagination and intelligence shined from the first time we met,and when we became fast friends I had a true gypsy at my side. Though certain magic books gather dust in lieu of love (and Mafia Wars), the wit and wisdom and perception of Dixie and Charlie both filled the animal-sheltering home on Gayle Way, a place with a Super Churchy patio and home-style garden,the feisty hummingbirds, and two special Peace bracelets and spare deodorant and two really terrific little bathrooms. Lifelong science fiction reader and home maker to the world, with her silly seasoned farm hand, they opened their dog and cat friendly home, the cave of the first gypsy.

With almost all possible time remaining ahead, I awaken excited to have rested well.
I need to get up and stretch or write or something: today is my first ever visit to the Gypsy Cave. Sabrina’s pictures and ideas behind assembling such a haven for free spirits charged me up from the very first. Her words inspired in me a poem, adorned later with art at her request, now sitting on the wall beside her table where she’d sat texting and photographing to share with us on many nights. This night would be the first for us!

Looking now it’s clear that each stop held a gift: with Dixie and Charlie we had a comfortable place to relax and be ourselves and sleep well, karmically sealing all understanding and good will between us. With the Clark kids, we shared mutual and intense joy and play, as our bond was most necessary to be re-filled; who missed us more? Mom and Pop would prove most receptive to the influence of our enthusiasm.

The Holts were a great place to recharge that enthusiasm, embodying the old times and the new while keeping the old spirit of us true. My Mama had the place we could get away from it all and be low-key, even check our ‘Net and read! Finally, the place I most looked forward to visiting---an intense, stimulating place best suited for an abundance of creative energy and conversation---was Gypsy Cave.

(I'll pick up quickly, just had a thousand words needed elsewhere! For those interested in the mechanics of this sort of thing, here's my "scratch paper" version of the remainder of this essay, itself part of a multiple piece "epic":

Yoga moves; convention, shirts, comics, future;400 Bobby and Jeffery at Taco Bell; Peek’s Park, the ride, the white house and brown dog500 Songs, drawing, toys 600, Pigs and the Wolf 700, Converse into the night 800 Cave itself 900 In GA, Yoga 1000)

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