Friday, October 29, 2010

Dark character and light times with Newy

" At least I died doing what I loved"
I was reading about Fu space...when I thought about his motives (raise a new Old China after knocking the moon out of orbit), and moreso, the motives of my own villain of the new piece. I have written many stories without "villains" but I seem compelled to place his agency within this story inspired by my novel TRANZ.

Why is this futuristic man come to Earth, and do I need him to tell the story of inner-dimensional energy vampires called Voidons, as they follow a fallen meteor in becoming linked to humankind's emotional vulnerability?

I speculated how this would-be star traveler, snatched away from escape velocity to suffer the emptiness of the Zavox, Sulinar Vix, might anticipate the end of our world and so want to take of its energies...he is not sure how the world went from what is in our day to his. He thinks of his as the better world, but it is a cruel mockery. He believes all of Kolpar is headed into the zavox trap and so he strives to take away the starship self destiny? He trusted completely. Does he now LOVE the Zavox? He worships nihlism, and so he would sooner see the fabric of the veil of illusion torn asunder to reveal the physical hell that awaits everyone? Existence is an illusion, meant to be destroyed?

Presently, I'm considering taking him out of the picture, save for a shadowy cameo, and staying away from his fully-explored motives. The bigger picture scope is explored, actually, in my Marvel pastiche stories with Tranz. I believe this is a spoiler of sorts, pasted here first as though by accident, then leading me to flesh out the concept of the character, just before deciding to wrap him in obscurity, letting the human cast grapple with their own emotional issues. There will be at least nine of them with lines.

The symbolic planet Sulinar Vix sees features a humanity nearly frightening themselves to death; they are his inspiration, the template for siphoning the vibrations of Kolpar, the future world in which the Zavox gains increasing sway. The agents, the Voidons, nested here on Earth, grow stronger for return to siphon away more of the life forces in Kolpar.

Counting three days 'off' (including this one) and writing intently on "This Star Fallen" every other one, you can share some fun coming this weekend, a good time weekend a month before, even Stuckwayze, in this spot over the next week! I'll even script a scene of "Free of the Fallen Earth."

Meanwhile, a garden in space provides a great visual for an otherwise disembodied force, in the Voidons.

haha, originally I thought I was dropping in this

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